[Insert Sport Here]


Earlier this year a friend and I decided to set up a sport focused design blog called [Insert Sport Here] or [ISH] for short. It didn't go well... we wrote four articles and realised it was quite a lot of effort and couldn't come up with ideas for articles. Who knew it would be so hard!


But while coming up with [ISH] we decided we wanted a strong and flexible identity that would work across reporting on multiple sports. With the name 'Insert Sport Here' we came up with the idea to replace the brand name with the sport, [F1] or [Cycling] for example. This meant we could make it clear what we were reporting in a very simple and clear way.



Does a band need a logo?


Does a band need a logo? For a lot of people a brand is just the company/products logo. The image that you see plastered over everything that they produce. But it is different for a band, they interact with their fans differently than a company will with their customers.


First they are selling something that is not really seen. In the digital age with downloads and streaming on the rise you no longer get a physical product. You never get to touch the music that you are listening to. With Vinyl and CD’s you see the album artwork that may or may not have the band’s logo on it. Also if you are listening to the music on the radio you won’t even get to see the album cover you will just hear the DJ say the band’s name before or after the song and I believe that many bands will build their brand on their name.