[Insert Sport Here]


Earlier this year a friend and I decided to set up a sport focused design blog called [Insert Sport Here] or [ISH] for short. It didn't go well... we wrote four articles and realised it was quite a lot of effort and couldn't come up with ideas for articles. Who knew it would be so hard!


But while coming up with [ISH] we decided we wanted a strong and flexible identity that would work across reporting on multiple sports. With the name 'Insert Sport Here' we came up with the idea to replace the brand name with the sport, [F1] or [Cycling] for example. This meant we could make it clear what we were reporting in a very simple and clear way.


Below is a few applied examples of the [ISH] brand and a short summarised brand guidelines.





There are two variants of the [Insert Sport Here] logo, a long and a short version. The long version should be used whenever possible, however if there is not enough space or the long logo will be too small to make an impact the shorter version reading [ISH] should be used.


It is also key to make sure that the is at least one bracket distance of exclusion zone for both types of logo to make sure that the logo has enough breathing room and nothing clashes with it.





Especially when using colour with the logo only four colours should be used. 'Camel Yellow' and 'Camel Blue' should be used primarily with black and white only being used in situations when the Yellow and Blue cannot.


It is possible to use other colours within [ISH] documents and design, but these should be taken into consideration and shouldn’t clash with the primary colours.





[ISH]'s main font is Berthold Akzidenz Grotesk Bold Condensed and should be used solely for all documents and design related to [Insert Sport Here].


However where Berthold Akzidenz Grotesk cannot be used for licensing issues or online for example HK Grotesk Bold should be used as a replacement. The [ISH] logos should never be recreated in HK Grotesk Bold.





Photography is a key part of the [Insert Sport Here] brand. Where possible brackets should be used to frame the subject of the photo.