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Incomplete & Unreleased Projects

August 4, 2018


It’s quite frequent for me to have an idea for a project and to start working on it before either get bored of it or run into issues meaning I leave it behind and move onto the next one Som...


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How long have the current F1 drivers been in Formula 1?

July 19, 2018


With the announcement of Lewis Hamiltons two-year contract extension today I started to think about how long the current drivers had been on the Formula 1 grid for. Taking a look at the known contract...


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Does a band need a logo?

June 19, 2017


Does a band need a logo? For a lot of people, a brand is just the company/products logo. The image that you see plastered over everything that they produce. But it is different for a band, they intera...


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How has the London Underground map changed our understanding of the layout of London?

October 31, 2015


When you ask someone about London Underground one of the first things that they will mention is the iconic map designed by Harry Beck. ”In 2006 it was named one of Britain’s top three design icons.” (...


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