Incomplete & Unreleased Projects

It’s quite frequent for me to have an idea for a project and to start working on it before either get bored of it or run into issues meaning I leave it behind and move onto the next one.

Some of the projects I really wish that I had kept on working on and may go back to at some point in time once I find the motivation to return to it. Some I won’t go back to due to various problems while some of these projects I have compleated but just not released.

So here they are, 7 projects that were never finished or released.


I created this typeface at the beginning of the year and named it after the dimwitted Caboose from Red Vs Blue. It was a fun challenge that I hadn’t undertaken before, and while I found it an enjoyable experience the letter N became my undoing. Using my 3 by 5 grid I couldn’t work out a way to get the N to fit into the grid and the family.

This will be a project that I will come back to because I was so close to finishing it, I just need to work out how to create the N!


This was a month-long project to help visualise the feeling that you are doing the same thing day in day out. Spending a large proportion of your time sitting in the car driving the same way to and from work along the same route, seeing the same thing, makes that time seem like it has been wasted.

While the website section of the project went well and it was updated daily this was originally only part of the plan. The idea was to turn this into a book but that didn’t materialise. I still feel that I want to create the book but maybe with new data to make it more relevant.

F1 Timeline 1

This wasn’t the first time that I attempted to create a visualisation of the locations of the Formula 1 races throughout the series history, but it is the first that is worthwhile seeing.

Creating the video was time-consuming and it was going well as I had animated from 1950 to 1974. Due to the dots that show the map, there were only a limited amount of locations for tracks. This wasn’t a huge issue apart from in the UK which was so small it meant that Silverstone ended up in Portsmouth.

That’s why I stopped developing the video to make sure the final video was more geographically correct.

F1 Timeline 2

I didn’t get very far with this updated version of the map apart from the visualisation of how the final map would look. This iteration of the timeline was more geographically correct and showed how many races have been hosted by each track.

I meant to do this project to learn After Effects but never had the patience to learn it as it always seemed too complicated! Maybe for another time.


This is my most recent work. I undertook this because I wanted to do something simple, you can find the results on my Instagram. I started to look at how each one could be animated but that is when I decided to stop, for no apparent reason. Maybe one to look at in the future!


Playing around with Processing again #coding #nirvana #nevermind

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I created this at the end of last year and I was happy with the results. I’d used the same base code as I had on Pixel Albums to create the video and because of that, it was too similar to that previous project. So I decided to not continue because of that.

Foo Fighters Lyrics Poster

The last project on this list is the one that got the closest to being released, including all the lyrics from Foo Fighters first eight albums. The poster uses a font based on Dave Grohl’s handwriting.

I can’t remember the true reason for not releasing this when I finished it but although this is something that I wouldn’t design today I still like the poster and until recently had one on my bedroom wall.

So there they are seven projects that were never finished or released. In the future, I will be trying to not abandon projects before they are finished and make sure that I finish one project before starting another.

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