Monotony is a month-long project to help visualise the feeling that you are doing the same thing day in day out. Spending a large proportion of your time sitting in the car driving the same way to and from work along the same route, seeing the same thing, makes that time seem like it has been wasted.

Each day I will release an image showing the route that I have travelled each day throughout the month of July. Showing the routes that I have travelled will help show whether the feeling of monotony is true or not.

Travel by main highway light
To see the rolling landscape fly
Journey downward from a height
Slow shadows grow and weave the night

Living the life of a ghost
There is no comfort for the mind
Bodies twisting in the soil
Some sights we’ve tried to leave behind

Always looking backwards down the road
Still I claim “I will retain composure”

Lost in thoughts of where I am
Crown and trench, this day is done

Area 11 – The Life of a Ghost

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